Studio Sabka

Father and Son

Grigor Aleksi

Internationally acclaimed artist, Grigor Aleksi, was born in Tirane, Albania in 1936. He studied Fine Art Painting and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirane, in 1967. Grigor Aleksi is also known as Sabaudin Xhaferi, and by his nickname SABKA. Since 1969 he has been a member of the League of Writers and Artists of Albania. He is part of the Albanian artists of the figurative arts elite, as an easel painter, a fine caricaturist, and as a scene painter for the theater and television. With over 40 years of experience in these genres of art he is recognized as a remarkable, knowledgeable and formed artist.

Grigor’s artwork, found throughout the world, includes murals, like niches, domes and interior art decoration. His murals of any dimension are commissioned and custom ordered. Another form of art which defines Grigor as a great artist, are his fine art paintings, from portraits, still life's, landscapes, to compositions, using several paint mediums, such as, oils, acrylics, tempera, water colors, pastels, color pencil and charcoal. Grigor Aleksi is a realist/impressionist painter. His paintings are admired for their colorful harmony, interesting composition, expressing feelings and emotions. His art, characterized by the brilliant use of light and rapid brush strokes, reflects the splendor of nature. His elegant drawings capture with sensitivity the psychology and character of the people.

For all of his high quality of art and his originality, Grigor Aleksi has been awarded 27 prestigious awards, prizes and medals, in national competitions of fine art, caricature, and scene painting in his native country, Albania. He has participated in various international competitions throughout the world, including Canada, Italy, Greece, Japan, Germany, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Yugoslavia.
Aleksi’s paintings are displayed in the Albanian National Gallery of Arts, Art Museums, private collections in Albania, and throughout the world. Today, he resides and continues his career as an artist in the United States of America.

Laert Aleksi

Laert Aleksi was born in Vlore, Albania, in 1984. He moved with his family to Athens, Greece in 1992, where he began taking art lessons from his father Grigor Aleksi, at the age of eight. Inspired by his father - turned - teacher, he begun a long journey of discovering the beauty and excellence of art. He moved in the USA in 1999; continued studying under his father on a daily basis while continuing his high school education. With his father and a lot of paintings to show they opened Studio Sabka in 2006.

The art lessons helped him learn everything he needed to push him to what now has become a daily lifestyle for him at Studio Sabka, following his father’s footsteps teaching professional art. His goal was simple: pass on his knowledge to open and inspired artists. “Art has given me an opportunity to learn a lot about myself, enriched my soul, and most importantly - it has given me something more, a family that now I call Studio Sabka”.

Now married to his wonderful wife Kinsey, he has one more beautiful reason to create beauty. “ I will never forget the most important advice my dad ever gave me, he said “You have to love art and be patient, with all of the process, that’s what will allow you to understand the depth and wonders of art”. With that in mind the future still is ahead and only time will tell what this young artist has yet to accomplish.